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Headhunter Reimagined

HEADHUNTER Reimagined is an all-new telling of Michael Slade's first Special X thriller (published in 1984) about the psycho-hunters of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

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"HEADHUNTER Reimagined … like it wasn't freak-out-scary enough the first time! All I can say is that Michael Slade's brain is getting twistier with time — and Crime doesn't come any darker than Slade's Mountie Noir." - Diana Gabaldon, author of OUTLANDER
"HEADHUNTER stunned me! It's really good!" - Alice Cooper
"A real chiller!" - Robert Bloch, author of PSYCHO
"As a young cop walking Vancouver's Skid Road beat, HEADHUNTER enthralled me with its hardboiled realism and noir horror. Now, a third of a century later, the reimagined story is no less exciting or frightening. The dark shadows in a Michael Slade novel make you want to keep your back against the alley wall." - Detective Inspector Kim Rossmo (VPD ret.), inventor of Geographic Profiling and ongoing international psycho-hunter
"Crime writer Michael Slade is the real deal! As a trial lawyer, Slade knows psycho killers, sex predators, and their horrific crimes inside out. As a Mountie, I worked sex crimes and led a team of ViCLAS psycho-hunters for 7 years. If reading Slade makes you react, 'Wow! Serial killers don't really do that to people, do they?', I can tell you, yes, they do." - RCMP Staff Sergeant Christine Wozney (ret.), CO of the Violent Crime Linkage Analysis team (West Coast)
The History of Michael Slade and HEADHUNTER Reimagined

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